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List of Boatyards used

Foxs Marina,

Oct 2019 -May 2021

This yard, owned by Richard Matthews, fits out Oyster yachts (and Gunfleet). We went there to have serious leaks around the wrap-around window fixed and the initial upgrades to make Skyfall 'RTW compatible'. The yard is renowned as not cheap but we felt it would be worth it to have results we could rely on. How naive we were!

Paul deLange,

June 2021

A one man band, but a real electronics expert who specialises in Marine electronics. Most chandlers in Belgium who sell marine electronics subcontract the installation to him.
When upgrading he often strips the replaced equipment for spares and is potentially a good source for spares. Website is in dutch but he speaks good english.
We needed to source a stepper motor for our radar

Varadoiro do Xufre,
Isla do Arousa,
Galicia, Spain

July-August 2022

We found this place through recommendations on cruiser forums. Nito, the owner, is a keen sailor and is trying hard to expand his business. Satisfied customers are his chosen method to get the news out and grow.

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