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2022 Grenadines to Grenada

December 13th to December 21st

We left Becquia having re-provisioned, repaired the code0 and inflated the dinghy. I was impressed with our 'new' Yamaha outboard. Despite not having been used since April, it started first pull. 
Our first stop was Tobago Cays, famed for its beauty, the lobstor barbecues on the beach, and swimming with the Turtles. The 'whirlwind' tour continued with Union Island including a lovely evening in Happy Bar, on a specially built island at the end of the reef. This is one of the centres for kite-surfing, either just behind the reef in the main harbour, or a little south behind Frigate Island.

From here we headed to Cariacou, probably the least spoilt island of all the ones we have visited (we managed to have a fish supper for three people for around 25 euros, our cheapest meal ever in the Caribbean). Sandy Island is gorgeous, but well known. We also followed advice in our guide and took the bus up to Windward where we spent a day at Turtle beach. It took some effort to get there but that meant that we had the beach entirely to ourselves.


Our last sailing day this year was to then take Skyfall south to Port Louis marina on the main island of Grenada. This is very up-market, complete with swimming pool but a safe place to leave the boat whilst we fly back to the UK for Christmas.


Enjoy the pictures, and remember to double-click on them to get the story behind them.

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