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Antigua and Barbuda

April 1st - April 21st, May 5th-May 9th 2022

We needed to be in Antigua just four days after Paul and Sue left to pick up Julian. We could only get out of the lagoon to Simpson Bay, Sint Maarten at 11.00 (bridge opening times) and therefore decided that we would overnight on St Barts (Anse du Columbier) to reduce the jump to Antigua to circa 75nm.

The next morning the conditions were not ideal to continue to Antigua. But, short on time, we left anyway at first light. Sporting three reefs and half a genoa, we started a 14 hour beat to windward through 2m wave! We arrived in Deep Bay safely, but in the dying embers of the day. The efforts were rewarded a few miles from Antigua when we were suddenly treated with a display of humpback whales surging almost completely out of the water before crashing back to earth with an almighty splash ( about 2 miles away from us). 

In addition, thanks to the hard work, we arrived early enough in Antigua to be able to recuperate, visit Saint Johns and do some boat jobs before Julian arrived.

The island has (British) naval history, great bays and anchorages but the snorkelling does not compare with other islands. Yacht racing is important and I also managed to blag a sail on a race boat for part of Antigua week.

Skyfall's Antigua and Barbuda time includes Julian's visit, the time with Lucy and Jack on board (which also included Dominica) and then, after Dominica, the start of the return Atlantic crossing once Lucy and Jack had left and Chris arrived to help me sail her 'across the pond'.

Double click on a picture to get the story behind it. Enjoy!

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