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Tools and Spares

You can never have too many tools and spares. How much you take is usually limited by space.
Today I would only buy power tools with Li batteries: nothing with a mains lead. 

Our list includes tools with mains lead only because we have not yet got round to replacing them.

I believe we have far less tools than most RTW sailors. What we carry is certainly not complete but may help get you thinking about what someone might need for their boat

Tools and Spares: List

Power tools

Li battery: drill, multitool, sander, small dremmel with assorted attachments
Mains lead: Jig saw, polish/buffing machine, circular saw, angle grinder, detail sander
Extension lead

Hand tools

Multiple screwdrivers, socket sets, spanners and long extension bar, allen keys, set of various pliers, plumbers wrench, 'Stanley' knife, rubber mallet, tape measure, set square, set chisels and sharpener, 8 wood clamps, set long wood flat bits, assorted files, wood saw, hacksaw, jig saw, staple gun, mastic/silicone gun, paint scrapers and brushes, spark plug key, multi-meter, soldering iron, crimp tool, rivet gun, paint scrapers, assorted brushes, head torch, hand torch

'Special tools'

Manual oil pump, tool to remove oil filters, tool to remove lid from tanks, aid to remove battens, 'cresent' tool and line to free anchor chain, large wire cutters, laptop with cables/software for diagnostics of SIMNET, Masterbus and CZONE, rope splicing kit, sail repair kit (palm thing, needles, etc), spare keys for tank caps

Spares (engines)

Boat diesel engine: Fan belts (1 spare for each type), complete kit of spares for annual maintenance, oil, coolant
Outboard: spark plug, impeller

Spares (rigging, sails)

Spare genoa, Assortments of blocks, shackles, pins, split rings, pot rivets, whipping twine, monel wire, assorted cable ties, multiple sizes adhesive sail repair tape/patches, spare winch handle

Spares (other)

Radar (stepper motor, multiple bands), SIMNET (assorted cables and connections), water pump, toilets (joker valve, solenoid valve)

Other materials

Glass fiber matt( lots of it), west epoxy (several liters), sandpaper, WD40, silicone lubricant, loctite, various other glues, assorted nuts, bolts, screws, crimps, fuses, batteries, silicone sealants

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