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Bilbao and San Sebastian

August 8th-August 12th 2021

Initially the key reason to visit northern Spain was to go to the home of tapas (pintxos), San Sebastian. However, after researching the various options, we felt more comfortable sailing to Bilbao. It is a 'port of refuge', with more distance from the unforgiving (and with no safe haven) south east corner of Biscay. Further, San Sebastian can get really crowded and there is no guarantee of space sheltering in the lee of the island. Not what you want after a Biscay crossing.

Anyway, we could travel by bus (1.5 hours) from Bilbao to San Sebastian.

Bilbao would also see a crew change with Paul and Sue finally getting into Europe and Chris taking a ferry back to the UK.

The Spanish really know how to do cities and architecture and we should have loved these two special places. But the taste was soured when the dinghy/outboard were stolen in Bilbao and the reaction and lack of support of the yacht club (Real Club Maritimo del Abra) was a disgrace. Their boatman refused to take us out to our yacht (at 22.00) or offer to help us find any solution. I have never known a sailing institution fail to help sailors with problems like we experienced here.

Double click on a picture to get the story behind it. Enjoy!

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