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Saint Barts, Saint Martin, Sint Maarten

March 2nd - March 31st 2022

After Guadeloupe we continued our French Antilles sailing odyssey, bypassing Antigua and Barbuda. We had 25 days before Paul and Sue had to fly back to Canada to welcome Paul's brother for the tail end of the ski season.

First stop was billionaire's paradise, St Barts. It is said  the people who live there go to get away from the millionaires! And the super yachts seemed to confirm that.

The island is very small and the island was not cheap so, after less than a week, we moved on to Saint Martin. It was interesting to compare the French side of this island with the Dutch side (Sint Maarten). We may go back to Saint Martin, Sint Maarten was our least favourite place in the Caribbean.
Perhaps the photos and the accompanying text will explain why.


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