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2023 Suwarrow and Samoa

August 3rd to September 2nd

The sail from Bora Bora to Suwarrow was an easy, uneventful downwind sail in 9-15 knots. We were surprised at how many boats (20+) were already in the anchorage when we arrived. We had come primarily for the manta ray cleaning station (I had not been able to swim with the manta rays in Tahanea because of a perforated ear drum). Even though we had no luck on the three occasions we snorkelled the recommended area the visit was still most enjoyable ( see post 'Suwarrow: An island NOT to Oneself'. 
The shorter, 510 nm sail to Samoa was more problematic. CAPE numbers (a measure of the atmospheric activity) were quite high. Although we were spared lightning, we had sudden squalls (wind suddenly increasing from 10 to 25 knots) with up to 60 degree changes in direction. So, for safety, we spent most of the trip heavily under-canvassed and going slowly.
We arrived in Samoa in the middle of an International IVaaF paddle competition. Clearing in was straightforward, if long winded (it took four hours). We stayed in the marina (limited facilities but very cheap) and enjoyed just over two weeks touring the two islands. 

Enjoy the photos, remembering to double ckick to get the story behind the picture.

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