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sailing blogs

We met many great people on our travels. Many of them set up sailing blogs for their family and friends..Here are some examples

(click on the picture to get to the blog):

Logo for Intrepid bear website

Intrepid Bear

We met Ian and Kate in Gijon, Spain and ran into them again several times down the Spanish and Portuguese coast

Logo for Cerulean website

Helen and Steve are a New Zealand couple which we me in Dominica whilst hiking. They were (and still are) working their way slowly back to NZ.  Given the same destination, it is only a matter of time before we bump into them again

Logo for casamara website

John and Susie sail a Discovery 55 around the world. Accomplished musicians, your luck is in if you are at a party or barbecue and they are in the mood to perform. We met them in Antigua.

ruffian website logo

Iain and Fiona are keen walkers and we met for the first time on a hike in Dominica, and later in Panama. I am not sure of their (previous) professions but the blog is very well written

Logo for ithaka website

We met David and Kitty on Lanzarote and later on Saint Lucia. They had bought their HR412 in Europe and were taking it back to their cruising grounds in NE United States

Logo for mahi mahi website

Pieter and Monique are the first cruisers we have met who have already completed a circumnavigation. In the Happy Bar (end of the reef, Union Island) it was great to discuss their favourite places, requirements for the Galapagos and options for the last part of the Indian Ocean.

Their website is in Dutch

Logo for svgrateful website

Jamie and Niki are cruising in a far more unplanned, relaxed way than Skyfall. We met them in Grenada where they had been there long enough to know everyone. Their one year in Europe had turned into four. Now they plan to go through the Panama canal...sometime. Or maybe not.

We are 'Grateful' to have met them and maybe learn something here.

Their blog has some lovely photography.

Logo for Zen Again website

Mike and Nicki have been cruising for 30 years. They have sailed around the world, circumnavigated Australia and given talks to the OCC and various yacht clubs. He has forgotten more about cruising than I will ever know! Whilst in Linton Bay Marina , awaiting the solar arch repair, I thought we had time to kill. Maybe not. Mike was kind enough to take me 'under his wing' and provided us with so much information that I needed the three weeks to digest it all!

manuka website logo

Hans is a solo sailor following his own RTW odyssey.  He was born in South Africa but with Norwegian and English heritage. He has been sailing alone for two years now. We met him in Linton Bay, Panama where we both stayed a month doing repairs/maintenance.

Logo for grainne Mhaol website

Karl and Kara are an Irish/Australian couple who have been sailing SV Grainne Mhoal around the world. We bumped into them in Linton Bay, Panama and then a few more times across the Pacific.

For them the journey is almost over (they started in oz)

saltyginger website logo

From Graham and Julie, it is Julie ( a red-head) who provides the 'Ginger' to their boat name. As they have been cruising since 2006, I think they have earned the 'Salty' too! This is their second or third time RTW, now without children.

We met them in Suwarrow and again in Samoa. 

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