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Varadoiro do Xufre,
Isla do Arousa,
Galicia, Spain

We found this place through recommendations on cruiser forums. Nito, the owner, is a keen sailor and is trying hard to expand his business. Satisfied customers are his chosen method to get the news out and grow.

July-August 2022

Good Points

1. The lift in/ out and storage charges are unbelievably cheap ( see prices on the website)
2. The yard is set up for live-aboards whilst the boat is out of the water with toilet/shower/laundry facilities, use of a beaten up car (free!) and two equally beaten up bicycles
3. There is no issue doing all the maintenance yourself in the yard if you desire
4. The invoicing is extremely detailed, open and clear. And Nito is very pragmatic if you have an issue with anything ( provided you are logical and have valid points).
5. They are becoming hydrovane experts having installed 4 in the last year
6. The welders (aluminium, stainless steel), electrician, engine maintenance are pretty good.
7. Labour time was generally as I would expect (couple of exceptions) with good value rates
8. Ramon, the sailmaker used by the yard, is great and really good value; Highly recommended

Bad Points

1. The yard is growing fast; Nito, the owner, tries to manage projects himself. But there is too much, things get forgotten. Until he hires a Project manager, to be sure of getting stuff done in time you need to be on site asking every day!
2. Sourcing of some items were significantly more expensive than I could find. In these cases it was agreed I would order the parts and take responsibility for them.
3. The yard can do electrics and electronic installations. But they do not have anyone who really understands electronics or software. And, if it does not work, then time spent trying to get it to work is labour you are paying for. This is exacerbated by the electronics supplier they use who really has limited technical understanding. They need to find a supplier who they know can technically support the electronics products they install.
The issues I had with my router and booster antennae were only resolved after two days research on the web and I got into direct contact with the Lithuanian router manufacturer.
4. Finish is not up to 'high end' standard. There is a carpenter and he may be great at replacing rotten planks but I would not trust him as a cabinet maker working on any interior joinery. Similarly, when the solar arch was installed, the previous support for the wind generator was removed. This meant filling the screw holes. Foxs would have ensured tthe correct colour match so you could not see the holes. Xufre used white gelcoat, but not the same white as Skyfall.
5. The yard has contracts with the Spanish Navy and coastguard for various vessels. This sometimes includes large scale sand blasting. Consequently there is a lot of sand around which does get onto your boat.


1. The place is perfect for people who want to store the boat in Spain/Portugal and do a lot of the work themselves
2. If you want the work done, ensure you are chasing and following up enough. In fact, best to be on-site checking and bear in mind the strengths/weaknesses noted above

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