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2021/22 Atlantic circuit

This was never supposed to be an Atlantic circuit. When we left Nieuwpoort, Belgium on July 2nd, 2021 we did not expect to be back in Europe for three to four years. The Atlantic crossing, via Lanzarote and Cape Verde took us to the Caribbean. We aimed to spend some months in the Antilles before heading for the Pacific.

Unfortunately there was still too much uncertainty around Australian visas to go through the Panama canal in March so we decided to turn the trip into an Atlantic circuit and sail the boat back to northern Spain in May 2022.

Each of the next pages covers one leg and/or our stay in the destination port. We present some of our favourite photos and most memorable incidents from the last year.

Skyfalls route sailing an Atlantic circuit via Lanzarote, Cape Verde, Caribbean, Bermuda and Azores
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