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January 16th- February 3rd 2022

Tom was very excited about getting to French-speaking Martinique. Not to practise the language, but because Annick had decided to come and join the boat early. We overnighted at anchor in Rodney Bay (again) and sailed into Le Marin, Martinique the next morning.

Annick was flying into the capital, Fort-de-France but we still had time to look around Le Marin and visit several anchorages (Sainte Anne, Les Anses d'Arlet, Les Trois Ilet, Anse Mitan) before she got there. Actually we messed up. We booked a boat service with a company with two locations on Martinique. We thought we were booking for Fort-de-France but actually it was Le Marin. So the day Annick arrived we were the wrong end of the island. Fortunately the service was done by 11.00 and her flight was in the evening so we got there in time (just).

With Annick safely on board, we continued to Case Pointe, then Saint Pierre, our last stop on Martinique.

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