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The Protagonists

Tom started sailing as a toddler, raced dinghies moderately sucessfully when younger, taught sailing, windsurfed and chartered yachts. A RTW was always on the 'bucket list' but, before this could happen, a few hurdles needed to be overcome.

Firstly, we had to be sure we could afford to do it.  Personally, we have so much respect for all the 'young people' who do it much earlier in life, living on a shoestring budget with an old boat. We were not so brave.
Secondly, it had to fit with family life and children. Having a third child aged 45 obviously delayed things.
Thirdly, we had to find a way for Annick to join. She is not a 'sailor', although she had endured several family sailing holidays at various times. She was (much) too young to retire. And she was not sure she would enjoy a 'live-aboard' lifestyle.

So, she was not aboard when Skyfall departed in July 2021. Fortunately, she managed to negotiate extended unpaid leave in early 2022 and joined the boat in January 2022 for a ' three month trial period'. She enjoyed it so much, overcoming her fear of sea sickness, that, when her unpaid leave ended, she retired early so she could stay aboard and do the RTW.

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