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Tom, the Skipper

I started sailing as a toddler, raced dinghies moderately sucessfully when younger, taught sailing, windsurfed and chartered yachts. A RTW was always on the 'bucket list' but, before this could happen, a few hurdles needed to be overcome.

Firstly, I had to be sure I could afford to do it.  Personally, I have so much respect for all the 'young people' who do it much earlier in life, living on a shoestring budget with an old boat. I was not so brave.
Secondly, it had to fit with family life and children. Having a third child aged 45 obviously delayed things.


I started putting myself through the courses and education I thought I would need in 2014 (see preparations)and Skyfall was purchased in 2016. After my retirement in May 2021, Skyfall departed one month later.

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