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Dominica & travels from Antigua

April 22th - May 2nd 2022

Whilst on Barbuda we discovered that the Covid testing rules had changed and that it would now be possible to visit Dominica. We did not have much time before Skyfall was scheduled to head back to Europe. Annick was also flying home from Point-a-Pitre on May 3rd so we needed to be 'almost' in Dominica anyway. And we are keen walkers.

Therefore we decided to leave immediately to squeeze in six days on Dominica. We could then also show Lucia and Jack the turtles in Deshaies and real snorkelling in Guadeloupe.

Once in Dominica, Skyfall did not move from Prince Rupert Bay. There is an organisation 'Portsmouth Association of Yacht Security', or PAYS, which patrols the anchorages, offers a water taxi's, organises beach barbecues for sailors and generally makes life easy. Most of the members are also guides and they are trying to protect their livelihood by taking away the 'fear of crime' element.

We did not want to risk other anchorages on Dominica - be warned!

Double click on a picture to get the story behind it. Enjoy!

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