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2023 Grenada

December 29th to January 9th

After our Christmas break we returned to Skyfall in the Port Louis marina, Grenada. After looking around Saint Georges and a quick provisioning, we headed out to our first tourist stop, the famed underwater sculpture park slightly to the north. We were only snorkelling and, maybe because of Christmas excesses, we had difficulty getting down deep enough or long enough to take good photos. Apologies for that.
Grenada has multiple reef-protected anchorages on the south coast and we did not have time to sample them all. Our first stop was True Blue Bay. Despite the name, the bay has no particular political affiliations. But it does have a boutique resort run by ex-charter yacht people. They offer EC$30/ night mooring buoys and, if you take one, you have access to the swimming pool, bars and other facilities.
We chilled here for a couple of days before heading further east. We chose Woburn Bay, home to Clarkes Court Marina (quite large) and Whisper Cove Marina (small, informal, relaxed). Our anchorage was very sheltered and close enough to dinghy into Whisper Cove Marina where we knew we could safely leave it. 

We stayed there a number of days, renting a scooter to explore the island. Annick was really brave AND forgiving as the skipper came to terms with the new bike and Grenada's roads (potholes, very narrow and rather steep). It was actually a lot of fun and we are alive to tell the tale! Being able to explore inland has generated lots of photos (see below) which we hope you will enjoy.

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