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2023 Panama

February 6th to April 1st

On the crossing from Aruba to Panama, we sustained damage to our Solar Arch (see blog, 'Inspiration, two handkerchiefs and major damage'). We stayed five weeks in Linton Bay marina whilst it was fixed but the time flew by as we met new friends, saw a whole new side to the long term live-aboard lifestyle and generally learned a lot. We also squeezed in a trip (by land) to Panama City.

Once fixed, we sailed to Shelter bay Marina (SBM) for a few days whilst Skyfall was measured in preparation for the Panama canal transit. Once we had a transit date we had time to kill. We used it to sail back upwind to San Blas islands, our original destination after Aruba before we diverted because of the damage.

Finally, on the last day of March we successfully transited the Canal. Losing five weeks meant we missed out on a trip to Bocas, day trips to Costa Rica and perhaps a visit to Saint Andreas. But it was good to 'chill' in one place for the first time since Galicia.

Enjoy the pictures and remember to double-click to get the text explanation

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