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A Coruña to Baiona

August 20th- September 1st 2021

From A Coruña going south there were too many rias to choose from given the available time. Our first stop, and one of our favourite places in Spain, was Ría de Camariñas. If you want quiet, relaxing, good food and great walking then it is hard to beat.

After waiting a couple of days for a storm to pass we continued to Ria de Muros (Portosin). In both places we moored in the yacht club. And, after the trials of Bilbao, my faith in Spanish sailors' hospitality was restored.
We had ordered a new dinghy in A  Coruña for delivery to a friend's house in Vigo. With news that it had arrived we went to collect it. Having the dinghy allowed us to visit Islas Cies which, around ten years ago, were recommended as having the best beach in the world by a British newspaper. 

From there it was just a short hop to Baiona (or Bayona), famous for its (tenuous) links to Columbus - who never went there. This would be our last Spanish port before Portugal

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