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2022/23 Round the world plans(Part 1)

Our round the world trip will now start one year later than planned. On the positive side, the skipper is far more experienced and confident than one year ago. Also the second round of upgrades will make things easier and more comfortable.

Otherwise, the previous planning will remain the same. We have summarised what we intend to do each year on separate pages. 

Here I wanted to pay tribute to the inspiration and sources which contributed to the plans:

1. Youtube sailing Channels
There are many of these. The most popular are not the best because they target non-sailors (to increase followers) and become reality shows designed to entertain. 

In my opinion, the most informative (and also entertaining for a sailor) is the Sailing Florence channel. They are six years into a round-the-world and the way they explain the issues they have encountered and how they fixed them has taught me a lot. They are also true sailors who know how to set up a boat. In the Seychelles they borrowed boats to compete in the National championships. Matt won the Laser Radial class despite not seriously racing dinghies since they left.

As another example, the Indian ocean is probably the biggest challenge of any ocean. Following their route choice, how they researched it was a big help.

On this site I have referenced other channels in the 'preparation section'. Ultimately the one someone follows will be the one where they empathise most with the people in front of the camera.

2. World Cruising Routes - Jimmy Cornell

Every RTW sailor I have met carries this book. It is like the bible.

I also have his World Cruising Planner but this is less essential

sailing with florence
jimmy cornell, world cruising routes
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