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Camaret-sur-mer to La Rochelle

July 21st-July 28th 2021

When leaving Camaret-sur-mer timing was important as we needed to arrive at  Raz de Sein just before slack water. From there Yacht Skyfall sailed to Iles des Glenans, another favourite anchorage of ours. Southern Brittany is typically a gentle cruising area but, from Iles des Glenans, we chose to head to L'Orient to seek refuge upriver from a 40-50 knot storm that was coming through.

The weather was indeed terrible for a couple of days, but we finally decided it was safe for sailing. We were on a tight schedule to meet Paul in Spain and the week lost waiting for batteries meant we had to push on. It was a shame to not be able to show Chris some of the amazing places in southern Brittany but...

So from L'Orient we headed first to Ile d'Yeu, then to Ile de Re, before arriving at la Rochelle

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