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Belgium to Normandy

July 2nd-July 10th 2021

Retiring at the end of May, should have signalled the start of our live-aboard sailing adventure. But Covid was still interfering in life. Paul and Sue could not get their Covid jabs until late July. And with a family commitment early August, they delayed their participation until August 10th. Annick never planned to join in 2021 as she was too young to retire.

 Fortunately Chris, my brother-in-law and our resident 'super crew' had made himself available. Julian had signed up for the first week too. But Chris was based in the UK. And the latest Covid wave had persuaded the EU to make it impossible to get into the EU from the UK until July 1st.  So yacht Skyfall finally got underway on July 2nd.

Based in Belgium, we had visited northern France and Normandy many times. We considered jumping directly from Boulogne to Cherbourg  and moving south quickly. But I had never explored the D-Day landing beaches and associated museums. Further, there were two ports along that coast which Reeds rated with 3 rosettes and which we had not yet visited (Deauville and Carentan).

We sailed overnight to Fecamp, next day attempting Deauville, before realising there was not enough water and diverting to Honfleur. We similarly could not get into Carentan so chose Saint Vaast La Hougue, the oyster capital of northern France. Final stop in Normandy was Cherbourg, where Julian left us to take the train home.

Double click on a picture to get the story behind it. Enjoy!

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