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Saint Lucia

December 9th - December 28th 2021

We arrived in Rodney Bay, Saint Lucia, at the same time as the ARC rally (Dec 9th) with its 150 yachts. Having so many sailors around with shared experiences was brilliant. Socially, it was a great time and we even managed to gate crash a couple of parties.

Noah and Simon flew back after a couple of days whilst Tjerk hung around another couple until he could transfer to another boat. Paul and Sue arrived on the 15th which gave me some time to clean and sort the boat. I seemed to be doing jobs right up to the moment they arrived. 

We stayed on Saint Lucia a further two weeks, moving slowly up and down the coast, visiting Marigot Bay and various anchorages around Soufriere. We also hired a taxi for the day to explore the island inland. Generally a relaxing time.

Double click on a picture to get the story behind it. Enjoy!

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